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Screening Test

Screening Test

One of the benefits of the Prometra® drug delivery system is the ability to use a screening test and determine if this therapy will be beneficial for you and help manage your specific type of pain. A screening test will also help your physician see what dosages of pain medication may work the best for you.

There are several methods that may be used for the screening test, but the goal will be to simulate how the drug delivery system might work if it were implanted. You will normally go to a hospital or surgery center for your test. 

Injection Test
With this test, you will have specialized pain medicine injected into your back near the spinal cord, simulating how the drug delivery will work. Your physician will then monitor your pain sensations and note how well your pain levels respond to the medication and at what dosage.

Infusion Test
With this test, your physician will insert a tiny, narrow tube called a catheter into your back and attach it to a small pump. This simulates the continuous flow of medication that the pump is able to deliver once implanted, and your physician will be able to monitor your pain levels and how you respond to the medication.

There are some risks involved with the screening test, including bleeding, infection, and possible drug side effects. You should also tell your physician if you have an active infection at the time of the test.