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Prometra® Pump

Prometra Pump

Prometra® Pump

To learn more about the Prometra Programmable Pump, please contact us at 973-426-9229 or use our online form

  1. Advanced features

    Prometra features our unique Precision Dosing System (PDS) that is designed to accurately and reliably deliver medicine minimizing the effect of reservoir volume or environmental factors including temperature and pressure. The PDS provides physicians with micro-dosing capabilities. With a 10+ year battery life, fewer pump replacement procedures may be required. 

    Pump specifications:
    Height: 24mm
    Diameter: 69mm
    Empty Weight: 150g
    Accuracy: 96.8%
    Longevity: 10 years
    Reservoir: 20ml 

  2. Suture Ring

    We’ve improved the way our pump is anchored by incorporating a suture ring onto the pump, designed to provide a lower rate of suture complications and to prevent tissue ingrowth, which can complicate the process of pump replacement. 

  3. Refill Septum

    To enhance the safety of refills, palpation of the port is improved by incorporating a 3mm raised ridge and wider opening – 61% wider than previous pumps. The silicone in the septum is rated to withstand an average of 1,000 punctures of the refill septum.

  4. Catheter Access Port

    For safety, the catheter access port and needle are designed to be incompatible with the refill needle and port. 

  5. Catheter Connection

    The pump features a “sutureless” connection with the redundant catheter lock that is able to resist over one pound of pull-out force. As a mark of the success of this design innovation, during the clinical trial with 110 patients, there were no catheter disconnection complications.

  6. Flexible Catheter Stem

    Ensuring the catheter remains connected to the pump is vital, but patients often bend and stress the connection. However, our flexible pump stem is designed to both be easier to initially connect during implant and to help prevent loss to the integrity of the connection post-operatively.