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About Prometra

About Prometra

About Prometra®

Most medications for pain management are taken by mouth or injection. There are some disadvantages to this: the medication has to travel through the entire bloodstream before it begins to have an effect on the nerves, brain, and other parts of the body to relieve pain. For some patients, this causes side effects including drowsiness, confusion, nausea, constipation, and respiratory depression. Over time, the body may become used to the medication, requiring higher doses to manage pain.

The Flowonix Prometra drug delivery system is different. Medication is delivered directly into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord. Medication is delivered using the medication pump, which is implanted under the skin. This means that therapy can be managed by lower doses of medication than if taken by mouth. 

If you suffer from a chronic pain condition and are interested in learning more, ask your doctor if Prometra may be able to help relieve your chronic pain symptoms or find a physician near you