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Is Prometra Right For You?

Is Prometra Right For You?

Is Prometra® Right For You?

To determine if the Prometra drug delivery system may be effective in the management of your chronic pain, your physician may evaluate several factors with you. In general, this therapy can be helpful for those who:

  • have not experienced adequate pain relief from other treatments or therapies
  • have experienced severe or troublesome side effects from other pain treatments
  • are not likely to see an improvement in symptoms with additional surgery
  • are healthy and have no present risk factors for surgery or the implanted drug delivery system

One of the benefits of this therapy is the ability to have your doctor perform a screen test to determine if drug delivery therapy might be beneficial in managing your chronic pain. Be sure to bring up any concerns or questions you may have with your doctor about this particular therapy for management of your chronic pain symptoms. To find a physician in your area who can help you decide if the Prometra drug delivery system is right for you, use our convenient physician finder