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Advantages of Prometra®

Advantages of Prometra®

Advantages of Prometra®

Chronic pain affects millions of Americans and many have tried several treatments without adequate pain relief. Chronic pain can affect every moment of the day, and unrelenting pain can make it impossible to enjoy simple things like taking a walk, visiting with friends, or even a good night’s sleep. Chronic pain conditions affect patients physically, mentally, and emotionally, and for many, conventional treatments may not be enough. Or, conventional treatments are accompanied by side effects, dosing problems, and other issues that may affect quality of life.

The Flowonix Prometra drug delivery system was designed with a simple goal in mind: accurately deliver Infumorph, a specialized pain medication, to patients suffering from long term pain in an effort to help them reclaim their lives.

Engineers have been working for decades to perfect this advanced system of medicine delivery. The device has advanced safety features that allow medication to be delivered with the highest accuracy and precision, and is designed to last for ten years on its internal battery.

The advantages of the Prometra drug delivery system include this cutting-edge technology along with the convenience of medication that is automatically delivered and the pain management effects of medication that is delivered where the body needs it most. 

If you take oral medication for a chronic pain condition and are interested in finding out if the Prometra implantable drug delivery system is an alternative treatment to managing your pain symptoms, talk to your pain doctor or use our locator tool to find a physician near you