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Catheter Access Kit

Catheter Access Kit

Catheter Access Kit

The Prometra® Catheter Access Port (CAP) kit contains the various components required to properly utilize the Catheter Access Port on the Prometra Programmable Pump.

Proper location of the CAP is facilitated by the pump's teardrop design, the palpable raised ring surrounding the pump's refill septum, and use of the template contained within the CAP kit. This intentional design and provided tools offer an additional level of safety, supporting the high product quality objectives set in place by Flowonix.

The non-coring CAP needles contain discharge ports located too high to properly function within the refill septum, which protects from confusing the CAP with the refill septum. For additional safety measures, the refill kit contains a separate template and needle designed specifically to identify and function within the refill septum and not the CAP.

To learn more about the features of the Prometra System, please contact Flowonix