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The Prometra® Catheter is designed to work seamlessly with the Prometra Pump. It facilitates proper placement and delivery of medicine within the intrathecal space. To learn more about Prometra, please contact us by using our convenient online form

  1. Integrated Flushing Hub

    The Prometra® catheter features our integrated guidewire flushing hub. This enables the lubrication of the catheter without soaking.

  2. Hydrophilic Guidewire

    The catheter is preassembled with hydrophilic-coated guidewire. When flushed with saline, the hydrophilic coating is activated, developing lubrication to help prevent bunching of the catheter when the guidewire is withdrawn.

  3. Thick-walled Design

    The kink-resistant, durable, thick-walled design may help reduce the likelihood of catheter flow restriction.

  4. Radiopaque Tungsten Tip

    The Prometra Catheter is precision-fitted with a radiopaque tungsten tip that is designed to provide high-contrast fluoroscopic visualization for easier and more accurate catheter placement.

  5. Staggered Dissemination ports

    The staggered dissemination ports of the Prometra Catheter aid in achieving a more complete dispersion of the medication throughout the intrathecal space.

  6. Graduated Depth Markings

    The Prometra Catheter features a graduated distal end with incremental markings, which aid in precise depth positioning during intrathecal insertion.