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Accuracy of Delivery

Accuracy of Delivery

Accuracy of Delivery 

Accuracy of delivery is everything for an implantable drug delivery system. Accuracy means that the dosage delivered to you is true to what has been prescribed by your physician. The potential benefit of this is improved patient outcomes through the reduced risk of under and overdosing. 

Underdosing occurs when the system does not deliver the full amount of medication that has been prescribed. Overdosing occurs when more medication than prescribed is delivered and may cause side-effects and other complications. The result of a high accuracy system is a lowered risk of disability, improved pain relief, and higher quality of life.

The Prometra® drug delivery system leads the pump market in accuracy of 97%1, considerably higher than the industry standard of 85.5%2 accuracy. Patients implanted with the Prometra System may have the greatest opportunity to experience the benefits of an implanted drug delivery device.

If you are interested in finding out if the Prometra system is a therapy that may work for you, talk to your doctor or find one near you

1. Prometra
® Programmable Pump IFU – PL-21790-00
2. SynchroMed II IFU