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Q: How is Prometra different from a peristaltic pump?

The Prometra® drug delivery system is a valve gated pump. Instead of rollers and plastic tubing, it uses valves to isolate a titanium dosing chamber from the reservoir and catheter. This results in two principle effects: better control over dosing reliability and longer battery life. Separating the dosing chamber from the reservoir prevents the increase in pressure in the reservoir at refill, decrease in pressure over the weeks as drug is emptied from the reservoir, and from having an impact on the amount of drug delivered. With this design, temperature and pressure effects, like getting into a hot tub or traveling by plane are minimized.

Additionally, decreasing the number of moving parts from a long list of complex gears, rotors, and pliable tubing to just the two valves results in a nearly 50% increase in service life.

Q: How does Prometra work?

The Prometra system has incredibly high dependability standards due to the advanced technology used to develop it.

Because no medicine is being absorbed by the body on the way to the spinal cord, the amount of drug typically being delivered by intrathecal pumps per day is very low - often about seven drops of medicine a day. In order to provide high levels of dosing reliability without significant battery power, Prometra uses a simple micro-valve mechanism to control the flow of medicines from the reservoir to the catheter.

By controlling the flow of medicine with valves in a precision dosing system, Prometra minimizes weather, atmospheric pressure, reservoir fill level, and medicine flow rate from affecting the accuracy of delivery. 

Q: How do you trial for the Prometra?

It is customary for patients to undergo an intrathecal drug trial to learn about that particular patient’s level of efficacy and potential side effects of intrathecal drugs before the permanent implantation procedure is scheduled. 

Q: Does reimbursement change with Prometra?

No. The Prometra Pump is reimbursed under the same codes as other programmable, implantable, intrathecal pumps with the same indications. For more information, please see our section on reimbursement and billing guides.